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William Kentridge

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

'Ubu tells the truth' William Kentridge (1997)

William Kentridge is a South African born artist who specialises in mixed media pieces which include a variety of elements such as drawings predominantly in charcoal and pastel incorporated with film and installation. While involving payed actors many of his pieces are stop motion leaving a quarter of a second for each hand drawn frame to be shown. After growing up in Johannesburg his work has had a great influence from things such as colonialism and Apartheid along with other influences on South Africa’s turbulent socio-political environment. Kentridge expresses that every aspect of his work from colour to composition is as important as the narrative. His experience studying mime is prevalent throughout his work as many of his film pieces are have no dialogue. Kenbridge’s piece ‘Ubu tells the truth’ (1997) was his first delve into using moving puppets which inadvertently only heightened the pieces abstract nature. Many of his pieces have images of the atrocities in his community were wound within his large-scale multimedia pieces. Kentridge also took inspiration from the play ‘Ubu Roi’ which I have previously researched for its use of absurdist theater puppets. His use of reflecting upon his own past as well as collective memory is an aspect of his work that I would like to explore myself along with the variety of mediums he creates work in. In the context of my Fine Art in Society in my future work i would like to make my exhibitions/installations to be as enthralling as his surrounding you and making it an experience.

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