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Updated: Nov 13, 2019


Due to the nature of the venue being a multi functional space and the event only being on for an evening. I have decided to make the most of the bench and easels they have provided. As my practice is multidisciplinary i decided for this exhibition to focus on expanding my skill set in relation to printmaking. As the venue isn't nearby, so prints would be the best thing to transport even when framed. I’d like to include a variety of prints potentially in a series' or tryptic of each method. I’d also like to include zines made through using print processes such as linocut. I’d also like to challenge myself and see if i can find a way to cohesively combine print and sculpture. Potentially by screen printing onto pottery or glass. My original plans from the first half of the module involved me planning an exhibition in a white cube style gallery space using sculptures and film I had made for my methodology module. However, after finding a venue and looking into the logistics of creating a pop up exhibition using these pieces might be more difficult than I originally planned. For example, I had intended to show a film during the exhibition but it would be difficult to find somewhere to project the film and I’d probably have to source a projector. As many of my other plans involve it feels like the whole process would be more cohesive if I also made my exhibition print based also. However I may incorporate my idea of the cape and print into something else more fitting.


As my work is on the smaller side in comparison to the other pieces i may be exhibiting along side it makes sense that my smaller prints which are A4 - A5 would be hung on the smaller white panels and the larger ones could be hung either side on the larger white walls. I intend as of now to exhibit the same work i exhibited at vinyl because they are the pieces i'm the most happy with however that may change in time.


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