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Turning forty winks into a decade - Sofia Stevi at the Baltic

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Sofia Stevi hails from Athens and has created an exhibition using a variety of pieces including paintings drawings and textile pieces. Stevi draws inspiration from everyday life including philosophy and literature along with the textiles created by the women in her family. Stevi uses bold lines and colours give it a childlike playfulness however the content sometimes contains body parts not considered family friendly. Other body parts such as noses and breasts are also common symbols within her pieces. Stevi says these pieces show her most personal dreams and desires love emotions and sensuality. Stevi uses a limited palette of muted tones and pinks reminiscent of the picture books of her childhood. Although i enjoyed this exhibition and was captivated by her paintings, i found Stevis interpretation of vaginas as flowers rather cliche and she could have used something more original. Overall i find her exhibition compelling. I was especially fond of the fabric pieces which Stevi had painted with ink, i think the expressive was the ink was applied to the fabric was especially effective. Her pieces also carry on her family tradition of women being involved in textiles which is important to the artists work and personal narrative especially i think women bringing textiles into an elevated contemporary art context is extremely important.

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