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Turner Prize 2017 - Andrea Büttner

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

One of this year’s Turner Prize nominees Andrea Büttner created a series of large scale wood cuts as part of her exhibition at The Ferens Gallery in hull which began in September 2017. This particular series of wood cuts depict a veiled beggar, Buttners practice is quite diverse and includes printmaking, sculpture, painting, film and collaborative projects. The iconic image of the beggar is just one of the pieces of imagery inspired by the concepts of shame, vulnerability, poverty and embarrassment which run throughout her work. Named 'The Beggar' is an ongoing series of prints inspired by Ernst Barlach’s sculpture Verhüllte Bettlerin 1919 which depicts the iconic image of a veiled beggar on their knees with their hands out stretched which is a symbol of desperation and vulnerability. Buttner also created a serious of etchings which were traced from finger prints marks and smudges made on smart phone screens which were then enlarged. Buttner described grease marks on phone screens as a form of amateur painting that everyone does on a daily basis. The movements of our fingers on the screens show what we want to know, how we converse with people along with how we respond to other things such as current events and these could be interpreted as abstract interpretations of modern life. Both serious of pieces depict the use of hands in modern day life but in very contrasting ways but also about street life.

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