• Natalie

Thick Time - William Kentridge at the Whitworth

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I visited the Whitworth gallery in Manchester in October 2018 and saw the exhibition Thick Time by William Kentridge. Kentridge works with a variety of art forms collaborates with a variety of other creatives to create his large-scale video installations and woven pieces. His work focuses on the human condition displayed through his own personal experience with colonialism, industrialisation and revolutionary politics growing up in Johannesburg. Time is a very significant part of this exhibition, it is sped up slowed down and erased and redone using film and animation. A piece in this exhibition that I was a particular fan of is Notes Toward A Model Opera which is a three-section projected video. His interpretation of the series Eight Model Operas using peasants instead of members of the upper classes. This makes a piece which was probably heavily regulated and formal feel freer and more spontaneous. This piece although it’s a film piece contains animation of the artists drawings and writings combined with the performance of hired ballet dancers. I am also really drawn to this as my work is also mixed media. His film installations are extremely immersive which is a quality I would like to make apart of my work as I explore instillation further on within my own work.

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