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Stephan Huber

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Stephan Huber is a German sculptor who specialises in using readymade and found objects in his work. Huber has also created a variety of performance and digital pieces along with his large scale installations. His use of ready-made’s was directly influenced by the work of Duchamp. One of the main aspects of Huber’s work that i am drawn to is his use of ready-made’s to bring light to important issues in a light hearted manner. Huber’s piece 'works in wealth 3' consists of nothing but a wheelbarrow and a chandelier, however the pieces were very carefully chosen to create the most impact on the observer and their universal connotations of each component. The chandelier represents opulence while the wheelbarrow represented diligence which makes the juxtaposition in his work a bold statement rather than an underlying concept. Huber’s work often contains autobiographical undertones as well as political, social or literary references.

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