• Natalie

Statement of intent-Negotiated learning plan

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

I am beginning stage 2 by creating work inspired by the theme of memory and its unstable nature. My practice is generally characterised by themes surrounding the human condition such as: fear of death, belief in a higher being and need for community. Textile-based materials are commonly included in my practice. Working from my summer sketchbook which had no particular theme, I am experimenting with a variety of mediums including oil pastels, painting and photo montage in order to better grasp how these materials will help convey and explore my chosen themes. I also intend to explore dreams along with existing themes throughout my practice such as spirituality and religious imagery. Memory can be interpreted broadly as I experienced at exhibitions which dealt with the subject such as Memory Palace at the White Cube. I further intend to explore more exhibitions such as Thick Time by William Kentridge at the Whitworth along with researching artists and movements such as surrealism that relate to the topic and materials used in my practice such as photo montage and surrealism. Although I am initially experimenting in a two-dimensional format I fully intend to incorporate three dimensional elements such as sculpture or potentially instillation. My work previously has had an autobiographical element too it while exploring a theme which is more universal and I hope to continue this in my future practice. I plan to measure my success by seeing how eloquently I can convey my ideas and continuing to experiment throughout true to my own style of practice. In terms of bringing my practice into society I would like to experiment with instillation maybe in a public place which would also involve a performative aspect. Another option I would like to explore is a solo exhibition at a local gallery. I would like the moveable sculptures I intend to make to be put in a public setting where people can adjust their form themselves.

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