• Natalie


Updated: Nov 13, 2019


Originally for this exhibition i intended to exhibit some existing sculptural and film work. However i have decided to make new work specifically for this module/exhibition space as i contacted them about potentially projecting work. However after contacting the events organisers that may be potentially difficult to project digital work in the space as it is not a dedicated gallery space. The organisers have said they have bench space and easels that i can use to display work. In previous exhibitions work has also been suspended using fishing wire. However considering the space along with my plans for other aspects of this module i have decided to use the easels and benches and make work for the space which is predominantly prints and potentially some zines to sell.


Spectrum cultural hub however has a far more traditional gallery space than Vinyl however there are still some restrictions in terms of using the space. Because the space is in a rented office building many of the gallery walls are just screens so work can not be nailed into them but instead hung from the ceiling by chains. However we do have some other gallery walls in spectrum in which you can nail things to the wall. For the work i am intending to take which is print based i feel the small gallery wall which covers the windows and the walls either side may be good for my prints as the majority could just be nailed up rather than hung which may be more practical for other peoples canvases or wall mounted sculptures.

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