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Shaun Space Crit - Linda Chandler

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Linda has created a variety of geometric sculptural pieces in both 2D and 3D formats. Inspired by how cancer invades the body, in particular the breast. Linda has explored the concept of invasion through shape and also colour. In one of her pieces the form is depicted in a geometric manner and she has introduced the cancer cells as round forms showing that they are foreign objects. Linda has also don’t through colour, in her cylindrical piece made out of wooden cubes she has painted some green to signify where the cancer is spreading. Linda decided to keep the main parts of the sculptures which were made to signify the body in their natural wooden state and just highlight the cancer cells in bright colours to contrast. Linda’s initial pieces were paintings which developed into sculpture through further experimentation. One of the sculptures is a clear representation of a breast in cube form with the corrupted cells inside. The group discussed other ways that Linda could develop her work including taking the base away from the cells and having them free standing and interactive. Having the audience interact with the sculptures and disrupt their placement and themselves becoming the invasion. Linda was inspired by wooden board games such as Jenga especially for the pieces backed on wooden boards. It was also discussed that her work could be utilised within a stop motion film. Artists that were suggested include Allan McCollum and Damien Hirst for their use of lots of square pieces or cube containers.

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