• Natalie

Sculpture development- concrete stands

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

In order to make my card board kinetic sculptures free standing i have created several feet in various shapes and sizes in order to cast in concrete. i began by making some maquettes of feet based on the imagery in my previous work. Some of the feet are more bird like and others resemble other creatures. I created a variety of different types as i would have a choice on which ones to cast and to see which ones are more successful than the others when cast in concrete. If one is more successful than the others i can make multiple casts of the same clay sculpture. after they are cast before they are set i am going to insert poles to connect the kinetic sculptures and hold them up.

I proceeded to make plaster casts of the 4 large feet and fire the maquettes. Im going to fill the moulds with snowcreate ready to tint with concrete pigment or paint.

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