• Natalie

Sculpture Concepts

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

As I want to explore disjointed memory using two dimensional and three-dimensional forms i decided to explore how I could do so. I also want to explore how a piece could potentially change appearance based on its position or potentially be kinetic. These are a few initial sketches of a way in which I could potentially create this using a variety of wood and other materials hinged together so the piece can be re-positioned depending on their environment. In order to develop these ideas I plan to do some more research into site specific art and kinetic art. Some of my initial designs are free standing, whereas others would be positioned best up against a wall or folded together on the floor. Th structure would have a variety of things attached such as individual two dimensional pieces along with ready made elements.

#readymadesculpture #fineart #conceptart #experimentation

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