• Natalie

Risograph mixed media

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I created some risograph prints inspired by the imagery within my work when I was still at more of an experimental stage of my work. I was not happy with the initial risograph print I had so I decided to work into some of the prints with a variety of different media. Some of the pieces I cut up and collaged, others I painted into, inked into or oil pasteled over. The original imagery was taken from previous prints along with initial creature designs and my later creature designs mashed together. I don’t think the initial print was successful due to the colours I picked for each layer, I think the top 2 layers were far too dark for the image and could have one with maybe another layer or two. However, with other media I was able to rectify the issues I had with the initial prints such as lack of depth or colour variation. I would like to develop my print making potentially in another form of print like linocut or mono printing potentially for a different project as this one is beginning to become more film and sculpture based.

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