• Natalie

Resist experimentation

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As I have previously experimenting with media that are water resistant i decided to experiment with resist technique. My first experiments were with oil pastel, masking fluid and candle wax. On my first experiment I chose to use oil pastels and masking fluid with watercolour. I don’t think I will use masking fluid in such close proximity to oil pastels as when I attempted to peel the masking fluid off I just smudged the oil pastel. I also found that the pastels moved slightly when I applied the watercolour also. My first experiment with max was mainly based on building up texture by letting the wax free fall onto the paper rather than using a paint brush or other application method. I was inspired to use wax because Plato compared human memory to a wax tablet. The wax resist however was far more successful when used with watercolour, I would also like to use ink with wax or even masking fluid in this manner to get more vibrant colours.

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