• Natalie

Photo montage mixed media

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

My first attempt at mixed media photo montage uses images I commonly associate with my childhood combined with acrylic paint and oil pastels on wood in order to create a dreamscape. The figure at the bottom is Inayat Khan the founder of a faith which my father was involved in throughout my childhood. The other figure in this piece is young Lord Lambton from the piece ‘The Red Boy’ originally ‘Master Lambton’ by Sir Thomas Laurence (1825) which I have found in many homes I have visited within the outlying villages near the Lambton Estate. I have arranged these images out of their context in order to emanate the sense of jumbled memory I am exploring, having these figures in place of where the virgin Mary or Jesus may be in a piece of religious art with a cherub flying above. I intend to combine pieces like this with more abstract forms connecting into a movable sculpture.

#religiousart #iconography #sufism #catholocism #arthistory #fineart

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