• Natalie

Participatory Arts Proposal

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

For this module my plan is to curate and exhibit my work outside of the university. in this exhibition some of the work included will be existing pieces however i intend to make a large central sculpture specifically for the exhibition. The piece will be inspired by the bird creature who i created for my methodology module. the creature will be human sized or bigger and have a long cape with anecdotes from peoples memories amalgamated together. along side the exhibition i also intend to make a zine. The zine will consist of pieces of my own work whether they are prints sketches or written pieces around the theme of memory. it will also contain pieces which were made in collaboration either in the studio or at events. Such as the 'Festival of the Not' at star and shadow cinema which i am taking part in along side circa projects and many others. I plan to distribute these at my exhibition or at somewhere such as the Baltic book fair. i also intend to submit my film from Methodology to Spectrum Cultural Hub for their exhibition themed around movement in late February.

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