• Natalie

Oskar Schlemmer

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Oskar Schlemmer was born in Germany in 1888 best known for being part of the bauhaus movement he is best known for his triadic ballet created in 1922 but was also a painter and sculptor. in 1920 is primary focus became choreography and stage workshop. Unlike traditional ballets the dancers where dressed in large sculptural costumes which would restrict the movement of the dancers wearing masks. Schlemmers piece explored the relationship between movement and space in a completely new way. His paintings were known for being abstract yet precise in which he painted similar abstract and geometric forms to the ones used within his triadic ballet. The piece was named the triadic ballet because the piece had three acts and three dancers per act and three colours (one per act). His work began to become more influenced with dance as he experimented with depth and volume. Schlemmers use of shape and colour is something I would like to explore through my practice especially in performance and film. As i am contemplating dabbling in performance for my Participatory Arts module this particular piece is a great influence on the aesthetic of the performance i would like to give.

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