• Natalie

Oil pastel abstract theater curtain

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

After completing some design concepts for potential kinetic wearable sculptures, I decided to turn some of the shapes I had used into an abstract large-scale oil pastel piece. This piece was intended to be used as a puppet theatre curtain however the piece is too heavy so I decided making a smaller version would be more practical the colours and shapes in this piece were also inspired by Oskar Schlemmers triadic ballet because of his use of colour and geometry. The larger piece I feel is less effective than the smaller version is because I could not get the vibrancy of colour that I was aiming for due to how hard i had to press the oil pastels on for large periods of time. However, with the smaller piece it was easier as it was less strenuous work and I had more control over the canvas if I decide to use this within my film I shall use the smaller one and then crease it so it appears more like a traditional theatre curtain.

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