• Natalie

Noel Fielding

Noel fielding was born in 1973 is an actor comedian and artist from London trained at Croydon Art College tutored by Dexter Dalwood. His practice varies from paintings to drawing, collage and multimedia installation. His practice often depicts fictional characters of his own creation or portraits of people such as Freddie Mercury and Brian Ferry along with other characters from film and television such as Colombo. His practice has later influenced his work on television as an instillation entitled ‘the jelly fox’ inspired an animated scene in his television show ‘Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy’. His work is often fantastical and surreal as Fielding is influenced by artists such as Salvador Dali and Jean Michael Basquiat. Fielding’s pieces are a huge influence on my work through character creation to surreal concept even through his mixed media approaches, his oil pastel drawings are a particular influence on my practice as oil pastels have been a strong part of my practice over the past few months especially with character creation

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