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Natalie Gale - Artist Talk

Natalie Gale studied in Wimbledon for her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art where her practice was influenced predominantly by eroticism ritual and religion and the colour red was common within her practice. Some of Gales most important influences are; Zoe Mendelson who focuses on where painting is moving to in the modern world, Cathy de Monchaut who is a turner prize nominee volunteered with inspired by her work ethic and Jo Volley also focused on methods and materials and bringing traditional materials into a contemporary context. She was also very focused on the history of the materials used. Gale during this time was extremely interested in the way painting is developing in contemporary art. Gale made a book in 2008 entitled ‘E Cosi Desio Memena’ which explored eroticism through mythology. She was also involved with a project in 2009 called ‘The voice and nothing more’ which appropriated the use of a nimbus in classical paintings as a rejection of classical painting traditions and rules. Many of Gales earlier works after graduation were inspired by short stories she had made along with other articles from history or mythology. one of these pieces was ‘the charter of the forest purpestre’ (2011) which is named after a part of the magna carta which instructed commoners on access to the royal forest. There were also pieces referencing Durham cathedral within this instillation. Gale also took part in curating an exhibition at West Dean involving the work of many famous surrealists along with the work of contemporary artists many pieces responding to the environment of West Dean and the existing surrealist pieces. Gale defined her piece ‘Sugar’ 2012 as a break through piece within her practice as she found the freedom from this piece to create work purely based on exploring the physicality of the paint itself and that she no longer felt as if she had to be bound to a concept in order to create art. Before this Gale felt as if she hadn’t dismantled her practice enough. Due to the physicality of Gales paintings she is inclined to make them on a smaller scale so they are easier to transport between exhibitions along with making them less expensive to produce in order to make her practice sustainable, especially as many of her paintings were created on materials such as wood and MDF. Gale over the years has been a part of and curated a variety of exhibitions as well as having articles published in magazines. Her later work is still influenced by eroticism but also influenced by and incorporated ancient pigments. For example, in her piece ‘HAC EG OCEAVI (I had a shit here)’ which was inspired by some graffiti she had seen in Pompeii she had seen while on her way to visit an ancient brothel. The paint she created this piece with is pigment from Pompeii. Her more recent practice has also been heavily influenced by fashion due to her teaching fashion at foundation level. Naming her pieces after beauty products such as ‘MILF’ (2013) and ‘PINK PIGEON’ (2013) and being inspired by the more decadent and extravagant fashion trends as well as rococo architecture. She is also influenced by fashion houses and designers such as Ashish and Comme de Garcon and considers fashion to be performative. As a parent finding time for paintings is harder so gale focuses mainly on collage that she could later translate the composition and colours of into paintings keeping her studio essentials in a box accessible at all times.

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