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My Shaun Space Crit

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

While analysing and observing my work the group picked up on many different influences in my practice including various types of religious imagery from around the world especially shamanism was mentioned. Such as the Nimbus or Halo that goes behind the head of the figure rather than hovering above it. There were also comments about my work relating to ceremony and the bird strictures I made were reminiscent of 20s cubism and almost seemed robotic while also having humanoid and bird like characteristics. On the oil pastel piece where the bird creature is facing forward was compared to the head piece of the statue of liberty. A feeling of movement was said to be prevalent throughout my work and the colours really matched what I was going for especially with the use of gold. Suggestions about stop motion and use of shadow puppets was made which is something I had previously planned for. Some of the artists that were recommended to me were William Kentridge and Emily speed who I have previously researched along with Picasso's costumes created for the ballet ‘Parade’. Ted Hughes’ ‘Iron Man’ and Rebecca Horne were also mentioned in reference to my work along with a sense of humanity with links to constructivism. The mannequin which I had draped in a costume which I had a performer wear in my film which was said to look rather ominous and it reminded James of a Zoltar fortune teller machine.

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