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Monster Chetwynd

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Monster Chetwynd (born Alalia Chetwynd) is a 2012 turner prize nominee who works in a variety of media including performance and performance along with more traditional media which are often low budget and often poses more questions than it answers. As I do in my current practice Chetwynd has been known to use cardboard to make costumes and puppets to be used within her performative pieces. Chetwynd creates the majority of her pieces on her own without formal training so which means her sculptural pieces have a very crooked childlike quality unlike many other artists who employ teams of professionals to make things for them. An important aspect of Chetwynds work as that she aims to promote high morale in the audience as she believes depressing people stops them from taking action. Chetwynds work has been described as playful and anarchic and is often influenced by imagery in pop culture combined with Chetwynds own narrative and characters. There are usually a lot of people who participate within her performances which add to the chaos of her pieces often dancing erratically, Chetwynd herself said the pieces would be more at home in a night club than a gallery. Her work is often immediate and uncalculated and comes across as very instinctive while also being comical. She often starts making things from low quality photocopies into collages which influences her later performances. Aspects of Chetwynds practice that I would like to employ include her sense of freedom and play within her performative pieces and her willingness to embrace simple materials as they are rather than changing them to fit more grandiose ideals of others. As i plan to make a large sculpture for my fine art in society module, Chetwynds methods of molding cardboard into large scale strange creatures may be something i could use to influence my practice.

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