• Natalie

Module Summary

I began this Module exploring the theme of mutable memory by using imagery from my own personal memory to experiment with different materials and get my ideas flowing. I used a variety of material from oil pastels to wood. In order to explore the theme of distorted memory I decided to experiment with kinetic sculpture to reflect the flexible aspects of the human psyche and how memory and dreams over time blend and intersect. Exploring the more abstract concept and straying away from the literal and personal interpretations. Inspired by one of the first kinetic sculptures I made that was abstract but as it moved it began to resemble different things including various animals. So, I created these humanoid birds in order to give context to the movement of the sculptures inspired by various different things including imagery from my childhood in a less literal context inspired by the work of the surrealists i have been researching but predominantly Leonora Carrington. I began to develop my work towards performance as I believed that operating the connect birds was best done by people and one of my main inspirations for this was the work of Monster Chetwynd and William Kentridge. I think the outcome was effective however if I were to continue with my methodology work, I would potentially dabble in live performance along with stop motion. I decided to prioritise performance/film over stop motion as it is something, I would have liked to explore however I thought performance with the sculptures are more relevant to my work along with relating back to the humanity of the idea from the abstract nature of the outcome. As I am a novice film maker, I think I could develop my skills to get a more finessed outcome however I am happy the result. Ideally id like to exhibit my film along side the kinetic birds which I am in the process of making freestanding.

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