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Missing Time - Serena Korda at the Baltic

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Serena Korda created this exhibition inspired by the sounds of Northumberland particularly the sounds of stars from dark skies. Along with the concept of something greater than ourselves and has put them together in a large-scale sound installation. The sounds she captured were only accessable with very specific equipment. She also has some homemade recorders which help her pick up the sound of the galaxy. Korda made a variety of round sound resonators to echo the sound around the gallery space inspired by the fact in the renaissance it was believed that the sound of the planets could affect your mental state. This is also accompanies by a four piece accapella group chanting to increase the vibrations around the room along with recordings of gongs being played, reverberating the universal sound of om. Korda uses a japanese ceramic technique to line the dishes. Korda works across sound performance and sculpture reflecting on traditions of community along with the infinity of the cosmos. I am incredibly inspired by this exhibition as the subject matter is related to what ive explored previously and presently within my own practice. However Korda has created this on a level i some day hope to attain. The performative aspect is definitely something i think works within this type of piece as it's a key part of exploring community and tradition as throughout history it has been a key part of both of these things. As i also have experiences with sound baths and this exhibition really captures the immersive nature of sound healing.

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