• Natalie

Memory Palace- Collaborative exhibition at the White Cube

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

In August 2018 I visited the Memory Palace exhibition taking place in two of the White Cubes London galleries. This is a large collective exhibition of nearly 50 artists and nearly 100 pieces of art surrounding the theme of memory. Many of the artists within the exhibition are artists which the White Cube has previously worked with. The pieces where exhibited within six categories inspired by memory such as; historical, autobiographical, traces, transcription, collective and sensory. These categories of memory help curate the large quantity and diversity of this exhibition. It contained artwork from almost every possible medium and style. I was heavily inspired by the diversity of this exhibition and how many different ways a single theme has been explored in so many different ways one gallery. As my practice is also pretty diverse and I don’t often stick to one medium I have been inspired to try things even further away from my own personal practice. One of my favourite pieces from this exhibition was Raqib Shaw’s Self Portrait in the studio at Peckham (After Steenwyck the younger) II (2014-2015) which isn’t at all literal and where he explored themes of legend and art history along with his own autobiographical elements.

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