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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

M I L K is an artist led collective based in Newcastle upon Tyne and all are fine art graduates from Newcastle University. M I L K say they occupy the space in between an artist, a collective, a gallerist, and a curator. They decided to keep their collective in Newcastle due to the cheap studio spaces and artist community even though it isn’t necessarily in the art worlds gaze. However, they also practice outside of the north east. Using left over degree show money they renovated a vacant shop unit and attempted to have 4 exhibitions in a month in order to get used to setting them up. M I L K have also has had exhibitions at the Laing and Newbridge and are currently looking for a long-term space. M I L K has also done a number of collaborations including M I L K X WORKPLACE which is a gallery space which had a three-month opening in which they had an exhibition perm month which they found much more manageable. M I L Ks exhibitions are rarely mainly their own work, they invite artists from all over to submit work for each exhibition. The ratio they usually use is 1 M I L K member to every 3-4 external artists. M I L K often organises a group meal for everyone taking part in each exhibition or event for the purpose of networking and bringing the community closer and forming future collaborations. M I L k also have taken part in the Manchester contemporaries and the Sluice Biennial. They also have a project where they visit other artists’ studios and does tours in order to highlight other artists work and promote nearly everything through social media. SLUG TOWN is a sister project to M I L K which is where the members of M I L K sacrificed their living room and turned it into a gallery space and was made for solo exhibitions and it became a monthly event in the local area.

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