• Natalie

Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys is a German artist who is well known for being a prominent member of the Fluxus movement. Beuys dabbled in a variety of different media including performance sculpture and installation. His work varies between social commentary to themes of a deep spiritual nature along with combining them. In his piece ‘I like America, and America likes me’ Beuys locked himself in a gallery with a coyote over three days. This piece is a commentary about how America has lost touch with its roots in nature and tradition, especially referring to globalisation and colonisation causing the decline of native American culture and the mistreatment of their people. Beuys travels to the gallery to and from the airport in an ambulance so his feet did not touch American soil. While travelling Beuys was wrapped in felt as a symbol of a fictitious memory of when Beuys plane crashed and he was rescued by tartars. The concept of fictitious memory links into my developing concept of surreal memory and distortion. Beuys’s use of performance in a shamanic manner is also something I intend to explore through my practice.

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