• Natalie

Jean Tinguely

Jean Tinguely is a Swiss artist who is most well known for his work in kinetic sculpture and using ready mades. His use of ready made and found objects were used as a commentary on the over industrialisation of society. His works were also known for being huge and absurd as well as often self-destructing. His kinetic pieces were often powered electrically or by some sort of motor in order to create movement. His pieces are often purposeful in appearance as they look like machinery however are completely useless in functionality, while using functional items such as tools as part of the pieces. Tinguely’s pieces reference metamorphosis which is an aspect which I am exploring through my own practice and kinetic sculpture. Although I have no plans as of yet to make my sculptures motorised, I am more interested in making the pieces kinetic either through performance or through audience participation. His pieces often just show the ready made items in their original form, however i would like to experiment with ready mades within my pieces which are predominantly hand made.

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