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Jean Tinguely

Jean Tinguely was a painter and sculptor from Switzerland. He is most well-known for is mechanic sculptures and kinetic art as coined by Dadaists. Tinguelys focuses on the concept of how modern society is obsessed with mass production and over industrialisation. Tinguely was known to have destructive tendencies which he channelled into his sculptural pieces. This manifested especially in one of his pieces 'homage to New York' which Tinguely himself described as an attempt to liberate myself from the material. He believed that the best was to do this was to make the piece self-destroying. This would make the sculpture itself performative and even through it movement incorporating the smoke as part of the piece. Tinguely created the piece itself out of found objects which is the main aspect of his work that id like to incorporate into my own work. The kinetic aspect is not something I want to rule out in my further work however I would like to experiment with that when I have more time to develop its movement.

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