• Natalie

Initial film/performance footage

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

In order for my kinetic sculptures to be operated I tied them to willing participants as the kinetic creatures are human sized and as they are not free standing, they are operated best when attached to someone. The creatures are made out of cardboard so are relatively light weight rather than the sculptures I had wanted to make initially out of wood. If I had carried out my plan of making them in wood it would be a lot more difficult to make them operational as wearable pieces. I have filmed people operating these pieces making these strange creatures I have created animated and movable. I also have someone in a mask operating a small kinetic sculpture repetitively. I intend to edit this footage into either one long film or several small films projected together around a room each exploring the theme of distorted memory in more of an abstract manner than in the initial stages of my project. I had intended to create a stop motion part of the film but as I continued to develop my project, I felt that the stop motion section became less relevant to what I was working on.

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