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Hannah Hoch

Hannah Hoch was a mixed media artist based in Berlin and was one of the only notable female artists who was part of the dadaist movement. Hoch was one of the pioneers of photomontage that was developed from cubist collage. Despite dada's progressive stance Hoch struggled to be taken seriously by her male counterparts. Hochs piece ' cut with a kitchen knife' is a commentary on the political breakdown that happened in Germany in 1919. At this time in Germany there was a great deal of internal strife which Hoch illustrated with images from newspapers and magazines of the time. One of dadaisms main ideals was the rejection of traditional artists creative roles. Hoch described dadaists more as engineers than artists. One of the aspects of Hannah Hochs work that I would like to incorporate into my own work is her use of photographs however I’d like to combine them maybe with illustrations or paintings as a commentary on modern society.

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