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Grayson Perry

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Grayson Perry is an Essex born artist who won The Turner Prize in 2003 and has since continued to create his work in the public eye. Perry is known predominantly for his pottery however he's also known for his tapestries and has also branched out into things such as architecture. The themes Perry deals with in his work that interest me and that I’m interested in incorporating into my own work are pieces which are inspired by class and religion. Perry has been known to use compositions inspired by iconic religious imagery in his tapestries that explore the subject of themes of taste in relation to class. Another common concept that runs throughout Perry’s work are autographical elements. His piece A House for Essex is one of his most prevalent examples of using his own life experiences to inform his work. Perry created A House for Essex as a shrine to a fictitious woman called Julie Cope who represents the everyday Essex woman. He described Julie Copes story as a tribute to the every day woman from Essex who Perry was surrounded by for a significant part of his life.

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