• Natalie


Updated: Nov 13, 2019

For this module, I have decided to explore my practice through various different types of art in society. One of the things I intend to experiment and take part in are residencies and live projects. After the last assessment, I already took part in a three-day residency at the star and shadow cinema in Newcastle alongside other students and an up and coming print collective called ‘Shy Bairns Get Nowt’. This was for an event called Festival of The Not ran by CIRCA projects. I am also taking part in a collaborative print project called Press Release ran by Foundation Press where we will make our own and collaborative publications and sell them at Baltic Book Fair along with running a live project in which we get the public involved with using the risograph machine and teaching them how to make their own prints. Along with live projects and residencies, I am planning to have at least one solo exhibition along with potentially taking part in a group exhibition. I am having my solo exhibition at an event called VINYL at the Riverside Lounge is a monthly event in Stockton in which they have a live band alongside an art or photography exhibition. I have also submitted some existing work for a group exhibition at spectrum cultural hub entitled ‘Movement’ in order to gain experience being part of a group exhibition outside of university. Also, if they are spaces left, I would also like to take part in an exhibition at Spectrum Cultural Hub with other students in order to see my work exhibited in a permanent white cube gallery space compared to a space which is multi functional and used for other events not specifically exhibitions. Alongside these projects I also intend to make a collaborative book using prints and potentially other things such as collage written pieces and sketches. I think the main component of my practice through this module will be print as I feel it is the most applicable throughout everything, I have planned such as the print related live projects along with exhibitions and the book/zine.

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