• Natalie

Concept development

From my initial experiment with kinetic sculpture I have found that as the sculpture moved it began to look like some sort of nondescript creature. So, I have decided to experiment with making the sculpture into some sort of humanoid animal mythical creature hybrid. I also intend to experiment with how combine movement and the creature with the elements of memory such as creating the creature entirely out of one material and having it standing with a long cape draping behind made from a variety of mixed media elements including fabric cardboard and found objects all to do with memory. I could also potentially create a similar a similar effect with a shroud or tail and even have things connected to it and spread out in a web or sorts with string. Another idea is that I could make the whole creature mixed media with all sorts of things on and in it or make a large head piece. I intent to develop these ideas further using both 2D and 3D media including concept sketches and maquettes.

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