• Natalie

Colour and design development

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

After experimenting with size, I decided to experiment with colour and design on top on of my kinetic sculptures. I first began with making an extra bird head to experiment on instead of using one of the large completed ones I had already made. This piece was predominantly block colour and pattern based with painted feathers. However, I decided to experimented with imagery on the sculptures. Then I began to work directly onto one of the large completed sculptured by loosely sketching out imagery related to my own personal memory on the creature. I liked the initial sketchy painted lines however I felt the piece was becoming a tad too literal as I carried on. As I began to add oil pastel into the imagery on the sculpture I began to like it less so I decided to replace the pieces and continue with the simpler abstract shapes I had used on the head. However, I decided to keep one oil pastel section relating to memory on the knee of each creature so not to completely abandon that idea and to break up all the flat blues and yellows I had used over the rest of the pieces. I felt the majority of the colours I used for the oil pastel section did not go for the tone I was going for apart from the knee sections. I painted the base of each creature bronze to enhance the cardboard rather than take away from the nature of the material. I also wanted the designs on the creatures to add to the performative element rather than distract from it.

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