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Betye Saar

Betye Saar is an artist known for using found objects often associated with the degradation of african americans and uses them in a way which changes their meaning to something positive and empowering for black people. Her work deals with other topics along with african american identity, especially in her earlier works she was influenced by spirituality and mysticism and this idea of the 'other'. Assemblage is one of her most prevalent ways of creating art however Saar started out designing and printmaking. Saar aim to cross cultural boundaries within society by using these what would now be considered taboo images. Saar uses hands eyes and the heart within her work as her own personal visual language to represent mysticism such as fortune-telling and the all seeing eye.Saars work also has a strong sense of narrative which is an important part of each individual piece she uses her writing and poetry to influence her work and its narrative. She also uses African masks in her work to represent the motherland. She also includes african traditions and superstitions within her work that have come to the USA such as the concept of spirit bottle.

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