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Bedwyr Williams

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

I saw this collection for myself in the autumn of 2015 when it was being exhibited at Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. The exhibition explores the microscopic and the astronomic throughout the universe using variety of media including film, sound installation, along with many other things. Williams describes himself who has always been obsessed with scale and likes incorporating that into his work. He’s also fascinated with the concept of sound hidden within objects. This exhibition is one that has clearly made an impact on me as I remember it as vividly as the first time i saw it almost three years ago. Williams is influenced by terrazzo flooring and describes it at a representation of the universe as it contains many different miscellaneous fragments all jumbled together. He likes putting average sized people in oversized situations. One of my favourite parts of the exhibition was the observatory which when you walk around it you can hear snatches of sound of a grown man crying at the wonder of the universe inspired by the title of the exhibition which is a phrase coined by Galileo. One of the other main pieces in this exhibition which is a weird psychedelic disjointed story about a dentist made out of mosaic. All of these peculiar pieces combined together created a rather compelling exhibition. Personally I love combining different media to fully articulate my concept. As I intend to make a film for my self-negotiated project I am heavily inspired by Williams’s use of disjointed and psychedelic narrative which isn’t completely clear. When I saw this piece in person I felt rather uneasy which is how I would like the viewers of my film to film while watching it.

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