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Banksy is the most iconic street artist of the late twentieth and twenty first century despite nobody knowing their identity. Banksys pieces can be found on streets and architecture throughout the world. Their work is predominantly satirical street art however Banksy has also branched out into other media such as film and even created their own theme park 'dismaland'. Using stencils to create their distinctive style banksy creates a strong political and social commentary using graffiti as underclass revenge or guerrilla warfare. The aspect of underclass revenge is something I’d like to influence my work by experimenting with graffiti within my work and potentially making stencils. Banksys work also includes themes of anarchism, existentialism, anti-war and antidisestablishmentarianism. His piece the flower bomber is his most prevalent piece in terms of juxtaposition and the most obvious in terms of message. The way I intend to use graffiti in my work is to make it look amateur and as if a teenager had done it, without use of special tools or stencils so the visuals created look organic.

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