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I'm a 22-year-old Fine Artist book maker and print maker, entering my final year studying at the University of Sunderland. I am heavily influenced by themes and artists that explore spirituality and mysticism along with the human condition and everyday life. Previous themes my work has explored is the exploration and distortion of my own memory through kinetic sculpture in the form of fantastical bird creatures. My work has recently been exploring the mystic in the mundane and finding my own fantastical narratives in my environment. I have taken part in a variety of exhibitions from ones where I have just submitted work to ones that I have completely organised and curated myself, from traditional gallery spaces to pop up events. My work has also been features in multiple publications which range from small press zines to a traditionally published book. Some of my strongest creative influences include Raqib Shaw, Joseph Beuys and Leonora Carrington along with various types of religious and faith symbolism and rituals.


My work is extremely experimental and isn’t characterised by one specific medium. Recently I have dabbled in film, kinetic sculpture and various forms of printmaking. The forms of printmaking I use most often are linocut, monoprint and risograph along with using printing in a publication/zine format after taking part in multiple risograph based artist residencies alongside Foundation Press and Shy Bairns Get Nowt. My practice has previously included textiles, soft sculpture along with installation. I work quite instinctively and as a result my work can start off being rather expressive before I explore refining my work in different ways. This is often most evident through my oil pastel on loose canvas pieces. These range in size but most are over a metre square in size and are created with a concept in mind but I try to interpret it instinctively to music that I associate strongly with certain memories. My prints often begin from very quick sketches drawn on the go in various different environments picking up on certain elements of the environment that interest me, such as certain shapes in architecture or patterns in nature. After combining these elements into strange hybrid creatures, I then take them into whatever type of printmaking I feel appropriate.

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