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i began this project by reflecting on my own relationship with my home town and the surrounding area. . The history and mythology of the area has always been something that has intrigued me. My grandfather was a poet who was well known locally, was also intrigued by the history and spirituality of the area. He was coined as "the miners poet" in multiple publications as he also focused on working class peoples experiences with strong links to socialism.


His art and poetry had a strong influence on my childhood and my own view of the area. He even created his own pilgrimage which began in 19 based on the wiramutha helix. The pilgrimage even continues now after his death by; family , friends, and fellow poets. I decided to explore these themes through similar methods Martin used in his own artwork. This has resulted in me creating a series of prints which has developed into tapestries inspired by his poetry and pilgrimage.

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